With every new track or remix they drop, DiRTY RADiO delivers a new dose of stylish, genre-bending substance.
The Vancouver-based trio is more than a band; this is a creative collective comprised of in-demand producers, talented multi-instrumentalists, and savvy businessmen. Under the DiRTY RADiO banner, however, they deliver their innovative brand of pop music that fuses elements of future house and R&B into a unique sonic signature all their own.
They’re equally as captivating on stage as on record, injecting energy and urgency into their material and always performing it live. The product is a dizzying, dynamic dance party that takes no prisoners.
The reality is that DiRTY RADiO’s infectious, inventive broadcast is reaching every arm of the music industry. Needless to say, you’ve found the soundtrack to your life; or rather, it’s found you.

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