BIF NAKED was born in secret, to a teenager living in India, the product of a Canadian girl and a British boy, she was rejected by both families, hidden away in a mental hospital from her diplomat-grandparents' society and politico friends.   Adopted by American missionaries, and after years of legal hurdles, eventually gaining her and her adopted sister’s release from India they returned to North America.   She embarked on what she recalls with humor as a “charmed life”. A childhood of secret abuse, running away, targeted beatings by girl gangs, she was institutionalized for alcohol abuse as a teenager and sexually targeted, preyed upon by a long list of adult predators.  She escaped this early life by joining a punk rock band and left on tour, she married the drummer became pregnant and under extreme duress she aborted the unborn child and later the marriage and continued on a deadly downward spiral which culminated when she hit the floor of a Vancouver drug den overdosed. 

All of this before her21st birthday.

Through it all, her creative and academic potential, multiple personalities, and her unstoppable humor were her weapons of self defense.   Bif showcased her life’s journey etched in tattoo ink across her body and with her unique ability to transform her true life stories into song lyrics, she found her voice as a solo artist, started her own record company Her Royal Majesty’s Records and at 23 years of age became a Platinum and Gold Album selling International Recording Artist.  Throughout her remarkable career, armed with her unique talent and instantly identifiable look, Bif would captivate the imagination of audiences and media alike, releasing ten albums and 24 videos.  She embarked on seemingly endless international tours, several feature films and multiple television roles, only to be struck down with breast cancer at the age of 37, the newly married Bif would discover the passion for advocacy, and a triumphant return to health and what she cherished most of all- her own resilience, strength and her unfaltering relationships with her adopted (dog) children Anastasia the bichonfrise, and Nick Naked her maltese poodle dog.  It’s already been a long, winding road... this is Bif Naked’s story so far....


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Forester is a ticking time-bomb. Their humble and friendly off-stage demeanour is drastically contrasted by their powerful and wildly energetic performances; detonated each time in perfect harmony and unison. A live show that demands your attention.

Based out of Edmonton, Forester is a Canadian rock band that continues to push themselves lyrically and melodically with every new release. After releasing their EP The Prison Leader in 2013 and receiving airplay on local radio stations, Forester dished out two free singles Cigarettes and Horns and played main stage at Boonstock for two consecutive years opening for USS and Rise Against.

The band just released their first full length album Vanity in the fall of 2016 and are already feeling the momentum it's bringing. After playing several sold out shows in their hometown, the band is ready to head back out on the road and break their necks on every stage they can find.


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“Our goal is to immerse fans and new listeners into the world of Whale and the Wolf.” Reveals guitarist Brandon Yaggey, “We've created a sound that is intimate and electric, and imagery that pulls you deeper into what the band's about. In 2017 we strive to make that much more front and center at our live performances, as well as how we present ourselves as a whole.”

About 4 years ago, Vocalist Ryan Maier, guitarist Brandon Yaggey, along with Bassist Lucas Holt, formed Whale in the Wolf in Edmonton Alberta. They assembled their unique Alternative Rock sound through the desire to create something not so obvious. In 2015, the self titled 6 song EP was released. The songs pulled you in emotionally, while packing a heavy punch throughout.

During the first week of it's release, the EP reached #14 on the iTunes Rock Chart.

Through touring and the release of 3 singles, Whale and the Wolf were played on a number of Radio Stations across Canada (“Do it Loud”, “Domino”, “Shiver”) All songs broke into the Top 40. However, “Domino” smashed through Regina’s airwaves at (ironically) The Wolf FM, where “Domino” would became a TOP 10 played song.  The songs would also be selected by Canadian music curator - Alan Cross” as part of his weekly TOP 11.

2016 saw the band doing it right, by hitting the road. Whale and the Wolf has opened for acts such as Bush, City and Colour, Wolfmother, Awolnation, Mother Mother, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bleeker, The Lazys, The Wild!, One Bad Son, Theory of a Deadman, etc.

They closed off 2016 writing and recording 3 new songs with producer, Danny Craig, of Default. Now W&TW is set to release these singles throughout 2017. Each song will be released individually with it's own multi-media package representing each song.

Brandon Continues, “We picked the 3 songs that best encompass us as a band. The songs travel through a spectrum of the band's overall vibe. Each one with it’s own distinct sound, yet when packaged together they compliment each other quite well. The music, the artwork, our live show, and the videos for these songs are all tied together aesthetically. Although the artwork is quite similar in style through each song, we chose colours and imagery that best captured and connected with the music.”

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