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Sip ‘n Savour turns into a classroom where up to 10 participants can learn new culinary skills and recipes while prepping, cooking, and eating right along with the Chef. Due to high popularity and limited capacity, we encourage all those interested to book these workshops sooner, rather than later.

All Workshops are $30+gst/person.

Introduction to Raw Food (Formerly Organic Eating)

Saturday, July 23 @ 11am-12pm

Led by Afaf Miri – Tamiri Bites 

Learn how to make a vibrant meal full of flavour and nutrients using simple ingredients and basic equipment. In less than an hour, you will prepare the most satisfying and delicious Rainbow Salad and have fun creating Fruit Sushi as a dessert. This light yet filling meal will give you the energy boost you need to continue your food adventures at Taste of Edmonton. Afaf Miri, Chef and owner of Tamiri Bites, will provide you with the recipes and additional variations and tips so you can easily recreate these raw vegan and gluten-free dishes at home.


Mindful Eating

Saturday, July 23 @ 12:30-2pm

Led by Michelle Brewer

Let’s stop and think about what we are putting in our bodies. Three meals a day? Snacks on the side? Perhaps some coffees and teas throughout? If you want to change the way you eat but get stuck between what you want to put in your mouth and what you do put in your mouth then this workshop is for you. See what insight a meditation-supported, sense-heightened experience of eating allows as you tour through Taste of Edmonton and mindfully choose dishes featured from some of our vendors. Allotment of Taste Tickets included in the Workshop price!


Cooking with Beer

Sunday, July 24 @ 1-2pm

Led by Chef Levi Biddlecombe and Chef Dan Huber – The Buddha Boys

One of your favourite beverages could soon become your favourite ingredient. Led by The Buddha Boys Levi Biddlecombe and Daniel Huber, you will uncover the maximum potential in using beer to add extra flavour to your dishes. Learn firsthand how to create some succulent and savoury beer-inspired dishes. This is a workshop that any beer lover cannot miss! 


Cooking with Tea

Sunday, July 24 @ 3-4pm

Led by Danika Riedel – Danika Eats Tea

This workshop is sure to be Tea-riffic! Being one of the world’s most widely-consumed drinks, who doesn’t love a spot of tea? In this workshop, take everything you know about consuming tea and turn it on its head – learn first-hand how to integrate this centuries-old beverage into your cooking and meal preparations. Led by Danika Riedel of Danika Eats Tea, you will try your hand at making a vegetable soup out of steeped tea! Did you know that using Tea in place of store Broth can help reduce the amount of salt used in your soups while still being flavourful, plus it's a fun new way to enjoy a traditional beverage!


Perfecting Seafood

Saturday, July 30 @ 11am-12pm

Led by Chef Doreen Prei

After this workshop, you will be well on your way in being a master of cooking seafood. Chef Doreen Prei, the 2015 Canadian Food Championships winner in the Seafood Category, will walk you through the steps needed to make the perfect seafood dishes – from the preparatory cleaning of the fish right through to the final plating presentation. Revel in the delicious smells and tastes as you create a seafood feast.


Crafting Cake Pops

Saturday, July 30 @ 3-4pm

Led by Whimsical Cake Studio 

Cake. On a stick. In pop form. How delicious! Learn how to create your very own cake pops, from the initial preparations, to the baking, to the final decoration and presentation in this comprehensive hands-on workshop. Led by one of Edmonton’s best bakeries, Whimsical Cake Studio, you will leave with the tricks of the cake pop trade and be able to craft these sweet treats yourself all year long.