You’re invited to the hottest party at Taste of Edmonton

You’re invited to the hottest party at Taste of Edmonton. Each night from 6-10pm, Sip ‘n Savour turns into a VIP pop-up restaurant. Meet different local chefs who collaborate to create the pop-up meal service in this cocktail party atmosphere. You will have access to the exclusive Sip ‘n Savour private bars stocked with an array of specially selected beverages fitting each night’s theme.

Great patio seating with views of the mainstage, delicious food, thirst-quenching drinks, and a semi-private atmosphere – don’t miss out!

Bacon & Brews
Thursday, July 21


Plates of bacon accompanied by a chilled frothy beer – is there any better combination? This night is sure to please your palate as you discover dishes that use bacon in new and innovative ways. Chefs this evening include Richard Toll (Rage Catering), Aron Pakan (Fire and Steel), Daniel Huber (Buddha Boys), and David Omar (Zinc).

Drink Menu: It’s in the name – this night is sure to satisfy the beer lover with these featured local beers complementing the evening’s dishes.


Friday, July 22


Fire up the ‘cue because tonight’s menu is going to be juicy. Brace yourself for some dishes with the perfect grill marks! Chefs this evening include Doreen Prei, Dinis Martin (Alberta Hotel Bar+ Kitchen), Aron Pakan (Fire and Steel), and Andrew Cowan (Northern Chicken).

Drink Menu: To contrast the charred and smoky notes of the dishes, sample our lineup of fresh and fruity beverages specially selected for this night.


Vegan Around the World
Saturday, July 23

Only one word will aptly describe this evening’s menu: delicious. Indulge in dishes from some of our city’s top vegan Chefs. Chefs this evening include those from YEG Snacks, Tamiri Bites, Earth’s General Store, Bloom, Clever Rabbit, Noorish and Mini's Kitchen. 

Drink Menu: Vegan dishes call for vegan drinks! In this fashion, all the beverages in our specialty bar will have a vegan twist!


Sunday, July 24

  Patcher Energy Management Ltd.

Breakfast comes twice today – treat yourself to some of your favourite breakfast meals with an evening twist! Chefs this evening include Levi Biddlecomb (Attila the HUNgry), Doreen Prei, Paul Shufelt (The Workshop Eatery) and Eric Hanson (Prairie Noodle Shop).

Drink Menu: Breakfast food calls for breakfast drinks! Tasty Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Irish Coffees and more will be on the menu!


From Our Farms
Monday, July 25

Pesenter: Taste of Edmonton

This evening is sure to be fresh! Enjoy dishes that are prepared with ingredients exclusively sourced from local farms. Chefs this evening include Richard Toll (Rage Catering), Doreen Prei, Franck Bouilhol (Fan Fan Pastry), David Omar (Zinc), and Christine Sandford (Acme Meat Market). 

Drink Menu:The bar will be stocked with an array of our favourite local libations – a perfect complement to the evening’s local dishes.


Flavour Fusions
Tuesday, July 26


Patcher Energy Management Ltd.

Savour the flavours from all the corners of the world. For one night only, the global becomes local and your taste buds will be in for a unique first-class international experience. Chefs this evening include Aron Pakan (Fire and Steel), Eric Hanson (Prairie Noodle Shop), Steve Buzak (Royal Glenora Club), and Paul Shufelt (The Workshop Eatery).

Drink Menu: Complement your first-class journey this evening with some fabulous and exotic beers and wines. Experience the international flavours from an array of vineyards and microbreweries.



Wing Wednesday
Wednesday, July 27


Don’t let this evening fly away! Join us in sampling some of our favourite finger food – chicken wings – with contemporary and unconventional twists! Chefs this evening include Richard Toll (Rage Catering), Levi Biddlecomb (Attila the HUNgry), Daniel Huber (Buddha Boys), David Omar (Zinc), Shane Chartrand (Sage Restaurant), Andrew Cowan (Northern Chicken), and Eric Hanson (Prairie Noodle Shop).

Drink Menu: Just for tonight, our friends from Mott’s will be mixing Caesars – a perfect pairing with the wings!


Thursday, July 28


Presenter: CGI

This summer, be Italian. Transport yourself to the lush hills of Italy as you sample classic dishes prepared with contemporary twists. Chefs this evening include Spencer Thompson (Alberta Hotel Bar + Kitchen), Daniel Huber (Buddha Boys), Andrew Cowan (Northern Chicken), and Steve Buzak (Royal Glenora Club).

Drink Menu: Vive Italia! Italian dishes pair ever so nicely with Italian beverages. We’re happy to offer a full range of wines, spirits, and beers straight from the European country!


Chefs’ Pick: Herbs & Spices
Friday, July 29


This evening is going to be an explosion of flavours as our Chefs create some of their favourite dishes. Brace yourself and experience an array of fare with diverse notes and bold aromas. Chefs this evening include Doreen Prei, Daniel Huber (Buddha Boys), David Omar (Zinc), and Christine Sandford (Acme Meat Market).

Drink Menu: The explosion of flavours transfers over to our specialty bar with fresh and thirst-quenching summery drinks.


Decadent Desserts
Saturday, July 30

Patcher Energy Management Ltd.

This is sure to be the sweetest night of all! The menu this evening is sure to be a treat for both your palate and your eyes with a selection of dishes that is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth inside all of us! Chefs this evening include Arnaud Valade (Arno’s Fine French Pastry), Franck Bouilhol (Fan Fan Pastry), Kai Wong (Chocorrant) and Myles Fedun (Branches).

Drink Menu: Indulge in an array of liqueurs and ice wines from our specialty bar – the perfect pairing for this sweet summer night.