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Wares is the name for the noisy, driving, power pop sounds made by Edmonton songwriter Cassia Hardy. Emerging in 2013 with a series of bedroom recorded EPs, Cassia quickly established a reputation for her captivating live sets. Early Wares performances would often see Cassia and her too-loud guitar wading into the crowd, lyrics screamed over squalls of feedback suddenly cutting to whisper quiet refrains. Nonstop west coast touring, a profile in Noisey, and opening spots for groups like U.S. Girls, Metz, and Cloud Nothings, soon brought Wares to the national spotlight.

More recently, Wares’ eponymous debut on Double Lunch Records has enjoyed widespread acclaim from critics and long time listeners.  Recorded by Calgary’s Lorrie Matheson, Wares takes years of roadworn songcraft and distills it to a dynamic forty minutes of music, full of sudden turns. From lovelorn campfire strumming (‘Out All Night’), to grimy punk riffing (‘What You Want’, Keeping Me Awake’), to rumbling waves of synth drone (Dirt), Wares could easily have been a confounding listen. Yet throughout each track, Cassia’s deft lyricism and knack for arranging keep the music focused and engaging. Currently taking the form of a four piece band for live shows, expect new sights and sounds from Wares as they tour the country this summer.

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