Taste of Community


How we are giving back to #YEG ?


Taste of Edmonton has become an annual summer tradition within our city that celebrates multiculturalism and all the culinary delights #YEG has to offer. Pleasing the loyal downtown crowd and foodies, people head into the heart of our beautiful city to experience these delicious dishes and scenic views.


However, that’s not the only thing we stand for. From a greener environment (Check our last blog!) to providing a family-fun tradition, Taste of Edmonton loves to give back to the community.


Here is how Taste of Edmonton is giving back:

  • Providing a station for participants to donate their remaining food tickets to give back to a charity of our choice, through the Taste of Edmonton Community Fund. The donation box is located at the information booth, in case you were wondering.
  • Working with about 800+ volunteers from 20+ non-profit and charity service groups to provide 8,000 hours. In return, $100,000 worth of honorariums will be paid back this year to the volunteers.
  • 75% of Taste of Edmonton’s revenue is paid back to the restaurants.

We strive to help give back as much love, as much as we receive it. Thank you to the Edmonton community for showing 35 years of support. We hope to continue this tradition and provide more opportunities to give back.


Hope to see you soon at Taste of Edmonton!

-Taste of Edmonton Team