July 18-28, 2019 | Capital Plaza (108 St. & 99 Ave.)

Sun. July 22 • David Omar

Executive Chef, David Omar Executive Chef, David Omar

Zinc | Sponsored by Alberta Turkey

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A culinary veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Chef Omar's motto is simple elegance when presenting familiar menu items in new and innovative ways. Holding many roles including mentor, consultant and entrepreneur, Chef Omar is involved in all aspects of the culinary arts.

He frequently serves as a judge for culinary competitions such as Skills Canada, Apprentice, Toque Demagny at NAIT and is past presiding officer for the Northern Alberta Local Apprenticeship Committee, past member of the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee and on NAIT's advisory board for culinary arts. Chef Omar has been teaching culinary courses for the City of Edmonton since 2010 as well as private classes at the AGA. Looking to the next generation, Chef Omar has provided cooking classes at area elementary schools and culinary adventure camps through the University of Alberta.

With a desire to provide innovative menus to the public in private homes, Chef Omar cultivated his 2008 entrepreneurial venture, Edmonton Personal Chef Service. Always looking for a new challenge, Chef Omar has participated three years in Gold Medal Plates, Season Two of Chopped Canada, indulgence, Feastival of fine chefs for 9 years. A leader in his craft, Chef Omar has won many awards for his talents.

Having grown-up in the small town of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Chef Omar understands the importance of supporting and sourcing from local producers. He has made it a priority to work with Alberta farmers in order to bring his guests the most intense, fresh and local flavours possible. Leading the culinary team at Zinc, Chef Dave promises his guests a unique dining experience from appetizer to dessert.

Caring for livestock, foraging, tending the garden, hunting for game, fishing... this is the life Dave Omar was born into in New Brunswick. He has traveled and cooked across Canada since leaving the family farm, doing everything from street vending to fine dining. Chef Omar initially settled in the Okanagan Valley in the early 90s, apprenticing under Chef Heinz Eichmann at the Grand Okanagan Hotel in Kelowna, while also working at Devino’s, Hectors, and Coyotes. After getting married and starting a family, Chef Omar relocated to Edmonton, heading up the team at the Edmonton Inn, followed by a gig running the culinary operations for Grant MacEwan College, opening a personal chef business, and finally landing at Zinc in the Art Gallery of Alberta. Chef Omar is on several local and provincial apprenticeship committees, as well as the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology’s culinary advisory board. He’s also involved with the You’re Welcome Awards and Festival of Fine Chefs.


  • Appetizer: Sage and dill turkey meatball with cranberry rhubarb chutney and baguette
  • Salad: Seasonal greens and vegetables with Moroccan style tagine Turkey Breast
  • Entrée: Turkey “coq au vin”, red wine braised turkey thighs and pearl onions, steamed wild rice pilaf, fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Dessert: Spiced pumpkin tart with vanilla ice cream.

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