July 18-28, 2019 | Capital Plaza (108 St. & 99 Ave.)
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    About Volunteering

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About Volunteering at Taste

Events Edmonton

Events Edmonton is the organization behind some of Edmonton's largest festivals. Events Edmonton is a non-profit charitable association with a history of major event productions, i.e. Klondike Days Downtown, New Year’s Eve Downtown, Canada Day, to name just a few. And of course our feature festival - Taste of Edmonton, the iconic event that is loved by Edmontonians since 1984.

Events Edmonton is proud to have built strong relationships with many local charitable and non-profit organizations. These groups fundraise at Taste of Edmonton by providing volunteers and in return, we pay an honorarium to the organizations. For more information of becoming a service group partner of Taste of Edmonton please click here.

Events Edmonton (and partner group) volunteers are the life-blood of our organization and we could not do it without you. You have supported us since the beginning in 1964 and shared our highs and lows along the way with your enthusiastic and dedicated support. Thank you so much!

Taste of Edmonton

Taste of Edmonton is surely one of Edmonton’s most favourite festivals. Culinary delights from local restaurants and food trucks, special events, Taste 4 Kids Edutainment, and great musicians from around the corner and around the country – Taste of Edmonton enriches and sweetens our summer in the city.

Many areas at the festival are staffed by volunteers that bring their excitement and joyful support to the festival. If you like to become part of our ‘Taste Family’, simply click here, where you will find detailed information about how to get involved

We are an inclusive, equal-opportunity organization

Events Edmonton is an equal opportunity provider and welcomes people from all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.

Hello Summer Students

If you love the excitement of a summer festival and would like to experience the ‘back of house’ workings before, during and after the event, keep your eyes open for job postings in early spring. We will be posting at University of Alberta and MacEwan University, on our website, and on our social media platforms. Each season, up to 10 students experience firsthand what it takes to create a complex event such as Taste of Edmonton.