Frequently Asked Questions

Get Involved with Taste of Edmonton

I am interested in being a restaurant partner at the festival, is this possible?
Is it possible to become a volunteer at Taste of Edmonton?
I am interested in performing at the festival, how do I apply?
I'd like to sponsor Taste of Edmonton, where do I start?

About Taste of Edmonton

When and where is Taste of Edmonton?
When will tickets go on sale for the 2024 festival?
Where can I purchase tickets?
How much are tickets?
How many tickets do I need to purchase?
If I have extra tickets, what can I do with them?
Where can I purchase 50/50 tickets?
I have dietary restrictions, how do I know what I can eat?

Attending Taste of Edmonton

Do I need to book a time/date to attend the festival?
Where can I find the festival guide?
Is there parking at the festival?
If it's raining will the festival still be on?
What items are being served this year?
Who is performing at Taste of Edmonton this year?
Am I able to bring my dog to the festival?
Am I able to smoke at the festival?
Are skateboards or rollerblades allowed at the festival?
Will there be alcohol available at Taste of Edmonton?
Are photographs being taken at the festival?