Sustainability and Accessibility

Sustainability at Taste of Edmonton

Since 2019, Taste of Edmonton has forgone the use of styrofoam and single-use bags. In accordance of Edmonton's Single-use Item Reduction Bylaw (20117) we've introduced corn-based utensils to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste and offer reusable cutlery to use during the festival for the cost of 2 tickets.

We strongly encourage those attending Taste of Edmonton to place plates, cans and bottles into their respective recycling container. Proceeds from recycled cans and bottles will be donated to one of our charitable organizations.

If you have any questions about Taste of Edmonton's Sustainability Initiative, please contact us at!

Accessibility at Taste of Edmonton

Taste of Edmonton is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible experience for all those attending. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy the diverse food and vibrant atmosphere that our festival has to offer.

We've consulted and are working with members of Edmonton's disabled community to ensure we're providing accessibility features throughout the festival grounds. This includes wheelchair ramps, accessible seating areas, and clear pathways for easy movement for individuals with mobility challenges.

If there are specific accessibility requirements or concerns you have, please contact us in advance! We want Taste of Edmonton to be an enjoyable experience for everyone in the community.